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ID 3595
Version3.1 b3 beta
Model X65v100
Type System
Respect:avkiev, chaos, KiRiK, ~Jhellico, benj9,KreN,empeka
Conflicts:1040 - Master-Patch v5
Depends on:2Cart!/1269 - API v14.0

Master-Patch is used to take control over other patches from the phone without connecting it to a computer.
It uses the Master-Midlet written by chaos (
Every patch compatible with Master-Patch has its own config-section. You don't need to edit it. All settings are changed only from the mobile phone.
!Before installing the patch create the folder 0:\Misc\Patches and install the midlet.

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Added in DB at 04.06.2006, added by KreN
Updated at 04.06.2006 23:48 by KreN

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25.07.2006 14:10, Kamikadze7

А че, S65 уже обречен?
01.07.2006 22:39, Georg977

Можно добавить врезку под S65 v58
18.06.2006 20:57, aleXoid

А когда его портируют под s65 FW58? А то у немцев это не вышло, сразу тел с пиком отрубает